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I’m Lynsie.

I like to have fun, especially when it comes to food!  I am a Jeep driving, French food-loving mom of six and I live in Charlottesville, Va.  I’ve worked as a professional in our amazing food community here for the last 11 years and I bring all my knowledge and food adventures to this blog.

I write about family-friendly meals, seasonal delights, meal planning, my giant garden and advice about healthy eating & cooking.



I’m also a cooking class instructor, recipe developer and local food promoter.  Mostly I just want everyone to start eating better while saving money.  In fact, I even founded a new Meal Planning Service in Charlottesville, Vie.  Visit our site to shop and find the Meal Plan that’s perfect for you!

Why Use DinnerDivide & Vie?


Follow Lynsie (that’s me) and learn how to expertly and easily cut your grocery bill in half in a healthy & meaningful way.


photo by Cramer Photo

DinnerDivide & Vie do all the work for you!  Become more strategic with your shopping, list creation, budgeting, meal planning and cooking.

Learn how to use healthier, seasonal ingredients to cook delicious meals that your whole family will eat, really.

Lynsie feeds a family of 8 (sometimes 9 when her live-in mother-in-law stops by), which includes 6 kids, in a super healthy and efficient way.  She’s made it her goal to teach others how to cut cooking and shopping time down without actually cutting “corners” when it comes to the health or integrity of the food.

Sign up for one of Lynsie’s SavvyShopper Series Classes to sharpen your skills in the kitchen or just learn a few new tips and tricks (classes are currently not being offered due to this impending baby but will resume in January of 2017!).

Also, through Vie’s community outreach program, Full Share, we are advancing the progress when it comes to the health and food education of our local community.  Healthy change starts here!


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